Endless as the ocean!

Whatever in mind,
we offer you more

We contend for your brand

We set the target, plan tactically and hit it.

Advertising budget

returns double!

You keep your capital unless you join the game.

But if vice versa, your brand will sail to a world of wonders and your budget will return you double.

Studium represents the overall semiotic interpretation of the particular photography says Roland Barthes. In this context; your brand is the Studium whereas the red point on the corner of our logo is the Punctum, pin prick in Latin. The element in a photograph or design that “pierces the viewer”. The very touch that Studium.ad provides for your brand.


Young talents who have gathered around 20 years of experience. Studium.ad treats design as science thus offers you corporate service where you can feel the traces of semiology and the opportunity to promote your brand on the traditional lines but with contemporary means. Studium.ad is a collective of artists.

Our Services

Brand Communication

  • Brand Communication
  • Logo Designing
  • Formation of Institutional Identity
  • Creation of Motto

Desktop Publishing

  • Graphic Designing
  • Illustration
  • Catalogs, Brochures, Inserts
  • Posters, Printed matters as banners etc.
  • Institutional Documents
  • Printed Documents
  • Newspaper and Magazine Ads
  • Box Design and Stickers
  • Stand Designing
  • Animation
  • 3D Designing


  • Presentation films
  • Advertisement Films
  • Viral Advertisements
  • Photo Shoots
  • 360° Photo Shoot

Public Relations

  • Media Planning
  • Media Purchasing
  • Advertisements in Airports
  • Online PR
  • Grand opening
  • Party Organizations
  • Sponsorships


  • Web Designing
  • Web Programming
  • E-Trade Site
  • Domain and Hosting Management
  • Optimization of Social Media
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Optimization of Search Engine

Outdoor Advertisements

  • Fair Stands
  • Stands for Product Exhibition
  • Signboard and Totem
  • Billboards and Station Advertisements
  • Guidance Systems
  • On-vehicle advertising and building envelope
  • Flags and Banners

Our Contact Address

Kültür Mah. 1375 Sk. No:24 K:1 D:12 Türkmenoğlu İş Mrk. Alsancak / İZMİR - TURKEY

Tel : +90 232 501 21 22

Fax : +90 232 501 21 21

Mail : punctum@studium.com.tr